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My Audiophile System September 2017

One of my passions is to listen to music in the best way possible…. for me this means loud, with clarity and a well-defined tight bass.

Over the years, I started at age 13, I built a decent system. This is for sure not the most expensive or best system, but it is much better than the average system.

Here my current setup:

      • Speakers: Altec 18
        These are the real ones …. studio monitors, based on Altec’s 604-8H 15-inch Duplex Chassis. The crossover was tweaked by Rainer Kroencke (Proraum Speakers) & Linus (RIP) it is phase corrected and run-time aligned. Many recording studios around the world used these in the 70s & 80s.
        Below a picture of one of these little speakers as well one from the tweaked crossover
        Anyone who ever opened their speakers, will be surprised by this complex design:
      • Amplifier: ASR Emitter II Exclusive
        I was always critical of the value of an amplifier…. a few hundred Euros or USD was ok….but spending several thousand Dollars was just crazy. Until I had the chance to buy a used Emitter 2 HD 15 years ago (got it for around 2000 EURS on eBay, at that time a steal). After carrying the monsters upstairs(3 boxes overall weight ~ 150lbs), I re-experienced music, I thought I knew on a totally new level.
        Fast forward I, last year I blew up my Amp up, by shortening the left speaker – real rookie mistake. Here a little pic on the burned mainboard

        So after saving money and bridging the Emitter-less time with a cheap NAD Amp C326BEE, I upgraded to the 2017 Version of the Emitter 2 Exclusive.
        This new amp is an even bigger animal then the previous version … 4 boxes: 1 Main Amplifier, 2 Power supplies and a dedicated battery pack for the pre-amp section.
      • Sources
        • Blue Ray / DVD / Media Player: OPPO BDP-105 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Player – a classic entry-level jack-of-all-trades. I bought it mainly to watch Blueray and stream my FLAC files from my Media Server.
        • CD-Player: MicroMega Trio Drive – unfortunately, another relic of the past. This Toploader is built based on the Phillips CDM9, one of the best CD drives ever. It is so beautiful, I just can’t get rid of it. Recently I had it fixed and also the power supply to be adjusted so it works directly with 110V.
        • Media Player and Streamer: Bluesound Node 2
          Digital is here to stay and with my recent switch from Spotify to Tidal, this streamer is super. This device is MQA enabled, but I am still not convinced that MQA then CD or can rival FLAC.
        • Turntable – Pink Triangle Anniversary
          The crown jewel for years in my system, unfortunately with the move to the US, it didn’t survive (broken top-plate) On top of it, my youngling Johanna killed the Cartridge (Barco EMT JSD6) years ago – to her defence she was a was young and daddy did not secure the man-cave well enough. I fixed the table – thankfully the original designer created a new company The Funk Firm, so Arthur took my Anniversary and fixed it.
        • Digital Signal Processor: DEQX Premate
          Digital Audio Technology has advanced tremendously, so when I asked a few month ago my old friend Rainer Kroencke, if he would help me to restore my Altec Crossover, he advised against it. Instead, he recommended to save the cost in parts and upgrade to a DSP. DEQX is a company who specialized mostly in active crossovers – I should and will write a whole topic, ultimately they not only correct the room, but also the acoustic phase, etc from the speakers. The setup of this DSP is quite complex – I am sure mine is not perfect…. most likely in the near future I will hire them for consultation.

3 thoughts on “My Audiophile System September 2017”

    1. Hi Navneet, not sure what you would like to see in a Vlog…. listening to a highend stereo system defeats the purpose …. so i rather write for now. But open for suggestions….


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